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Artist exhibit: Malcolm Cross and AJ Patterson perform “Shine”

Rehearsal for The Possibility Project's "Stop Requested". Photo: Agnes May Photography.

“I’d never had anyone there to support me.” You’d never guess it, hearing foster child Adreanna “AJ” Patterson sing. She attributes much of the confidence and skill she exhibits now to her participation in The Possibility Project, who use the arts to empower youth to change their lives and communities for the better. AJ wrote the song “Shine” with professional composer Malcolm Cross, who directed a Possiblity Project musical in which she took part, and who helped develop her natural talent into the vibrant and soulful voice you hear on “Shine”. Hear Malcolm accompany her in a really fantastic performance of this potent inspirational song.

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On Camera with Painter Calvin Grimm


The canvases of abstract expressionist painter Calvin Grimm draw their power from his longstanding relationship with the natural world. His work and experience stand as testament to the fulfillment offered by such a relationship. He notes that a powerful, direct connection to our environment seems conspicuously absent from many aspects of modern life. Watch the interview for more on spiritual peace, oil spills, sea kayaking and art.

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Painter Calvin Grimm: an exhibit


Abstract expressionist painter Calvin Grimm pours everything into his paintings—his emotions, his life experiences, and particularly his love and respect for nature. Though there are few recognizable forms in his paintings, it is not just abstract ideas he represents in oils. It can be something so specific as the image of oil-soaked wildlife trying to flee the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez and BP oil spills. Enjoy this short tour of three of his works.

Calvin Grimm’s site
the Clearwater
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Giving Form to Invisible Connections: visual artist Lisa Carroll

"Western Sector" by Lisa Carroll. Mixed media installation.

San Francisco visual artist Lisa Carroll is devoting her artistic life to investigating the intricate relationship between human beings and their surroundings. She also devotes some of her time to issues like the welfare of women in the war-ravaged Congo.

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Calvin Grimm: Nature’s Power, Captured on Canvas

Calvin Grimm: "Seeker/Sought: Deep Ocean/Deep Space Series". 2013. Oil on canvas.

Meet a painter whose art, surroundings, and life are all thoroughly intertwined. Calvin Grimm’s works encapsulate the revitalizing energy of our environment, each painting a rich and personal expression of our human relationship with the natural world. And for decades now, Grimm has lived that relationship to the fullest, working hard to protect nature, share it, and instill an appreciation for it among the younger generation.

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