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The Power of Outrospection (audio podcast)

It’s time for the age of introspection to come to a close, according to philosopher and author Roman Krznaric. In this beautifully animated speech, “The Power of Outrospection,” Krizaric challenges the utility of any kind of soul searching that consists of reading self help books. Rather, he argues, the most worthwhile experiences come from engaging with the world around us.blah

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Sevenly: Wearing your heart on your sleeve (audio podcast)

Dale Partridge and Aaron Chavez, two Orange County-based entrepeneurs, sought to tackle this “charity dilemma” in 2011. Citing lack of awareness, lack of funding, and lack of following as the three main reasons why thousands of charities fail, they wanted to find a better way to reconcile consumer interests with deserving campaigns. Their solution? Sevenly.org, an online clothing store that seeks to “raise capital and awareness for the world’s greatest causes.” By partnering with a different charity every week, Sevenly

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Creativity is a Human Right: Community Art Center (Audio Podcast)

“Creativity… is a human right,” says Eryn Johnson, Executive Director of the Community Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Neighborhood families first founded the center in 1932. To this day the center has remained loyal to its initial mission “to cultivate an engaged community of youth whose artistic voices transform their lives, their neighborhoods and their worlds”. In addition to art classes the center provides meals, transportation and counseling free of charge. “We have to make sure they are getting what

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Raechel Running: Light in the Shadows (audio podcast)

“In my art and activism I try to overcome despair and to make visual connections for people to foster kinship and hope in these times of change.” The photography of Raechel Running abounds with cultural symbolism and inter-cultural harmonies and dissonances. The results are eye-popping. She uses her talent, time and energy to help a number of organizations, including One Heart World-Wide, which is working to improve the dismal maternal health and mortality rates of indigenous populations in Mexico.

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Breaking silences: musician Chloe Flower (audio podcast)

With the help of legendary producer Babyface, pianist Chloe Flower has married classical music and hip-hop in a song called “Revolution.” A friend of slave trade survivor Somaly Mam, Flower is donating all of her proceeds to the Somaly Mam Foundation for the fight against human trafficking. In filmmaker Dalton Gaudin’s interview with her, she talks about her music and about the SMF.