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Lamp Project news

We’re growing!

In January here at The Lamp Project we… • had our first month with over 1,000 page views on the site. • topped 250 Facebook fans. • welcomed a social media team of five very generous volunteers. • began sorting through artist submissions for inclusion in our book, How Art Can Help End Viiolence Against Women. • began developing our first educational programs. • started work on a website redesign. Thank you for supporting The Lamp Project in our mission to illuminate and support socially engaged artists! We’re thrilled to have you as a part of the community of passionate and compassionate people forming around this intersection of arts and causes.

Lamp Project news

Podcasts now on Stitcher, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

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You can now find our podcasts in three different places:

iTunes (mixed audio and video or audio only).

Pick your favorite, subscribe, and enjoy!

Lamp Project news

Find our podcast on iTunes.

Do you love putting on those earbuds and taking a walk with some great music in your ear? Or maybe you let some thoughtful interviews make your long commute tolerable… or even inspiring.

If you love podcasts, you can find all the material on our site released in podcast form. It’s the Lamp Project Podcast, available in the player at the bottom of our site, or on iTunes. Happy listening!

homelessness | Lamp Project news

The fourth and final Lamp Project promo is here.


We are extremely proud to be releasing the final installment in our series of four promotional videos. We made these to highlight a few important causes—homelessness, in this one—and to tell the world what The Lamp Project is all about. An incredible all-volunteer effort made them possible.

Lamp Project news

6,000 page views.

As of mid-September we’ve reached 6,000 page views. Thank you to everyone who stops by and considers the work these artists are doing to fight things like poverty, homelessness, and disease. Support them and we can expect not only more great art, but a bigger audience for the positive message these creators carry.