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TeAda Presents “Delicious Reality: The Immigration Experience”

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TeAda partnered with two different groups, ROCLA (Restaurant Opportunities Center-Los Angeles) and SEACA (Southeast Asian Community Alliance), to create workshops for immigrants. Theatrical production Delicious Reality portrays these immigrants’ stories in a common immigrant job setting—the kitchen of a restaurant. The play runs May 10th-19th, 2013.

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New York Times Article Embraces Social Service Art

Artsist exhibit at Project Row, A low income housing and artist residency project in Houston, Texas

Social-practice artists use their creativity in a variety of ways to improve the social welfare of those around them. Art projects of this nature are difficult to critique, almost never end up in a gallery, cannot be collected, and are most frustratingly impossible to define. In a recent article, “Outside the Citadel, Social Pracitce Art is intended to Nurture,” New York Times arts writer Randy Kennedy describes a number of such projects and programs, begging the reader to ask, how is this art?

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The Artist Who Believed No Dream Impossible

Orignial artwork by Inocente.

Who ever said we are defined by our life circumstances? Fifteen year old artist Inocente has lived homeless and undocumented in San Diego, CA since the age of nine. Despite difficult obstacles, Inocente has relentlessly pursued her dream of becoming a painter. Her heart-wrenching story was finally heard by audiences world wide, as the documentary she inspired took an Oscar last Sunday.

WATCH the documentary trailer BUY Inocente’s art VISIT A.R.T.S. DONATE to A.R.T.S. VOLUNTEER with A.R.T.S.
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Sevenly: Wearing your heart on your sleeve


At its core, Sevenly.com is a website dedicated to highlighting and funding organizations all over the world. By using fashionable T-shirt designs and an innovative social media platform to highlight its partner causes, Sevenly is able to reach millions of young donors—a stylish and simple way to bring charity into mainstream culture.

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The Power of Outrospection


In this beautifully animated speech, “The Power of Outrospection,” philosopher and author Roman Krznaric challenges the utility of any kind of soul searching that consists of reading self help books. Accompanied by the vibrant illustrations of Andrew Park, he argues that the most worthwhile experiences come from engaging with the world around us.