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New York Times Article Embraces Social Service Art

Artsist exhibit at Project Row, A low income housing and artist residency project in Houston, Texas

Social-practice artists use their creativity in a variety of ways to improve the social welfare of those around them. Art projects of this nature are difficult to critique, almost never end up in a gallery, cannot be collected, and are most frustratingly impossible to define. In a recent article, “Outside the Citadel, Social Pracitce Art is intended to Nurture,” New York Times arts writer Randy Kennedy describes a number of such projects and programs, begging the reader to ask, how is this art?

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Mending communities: fabric artist Clara Wainwright

"Mending Baghdad" by Clara Wainwright. Photo copyright Richard Howard.

When communities have stories to be told or wounds to be healed—and all of them do—art offers a powerful answer. Fabric artist Clara Wainwright has used her art in other charitable ways, but this idea of using it to build, unite, and heal communities is a hallmark of her body of work. Listen to her talk about it in our audio interview.

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A Surfer’s Perspective: artist Erik Abel

Surf Art, by Erik Abel

Erik Abel stretches the traditional concept of the canvas. He is fresh from SurfAid’s Board Art Benefit, at which Abel and other artists created live art on 13 surfboards. All will be auctioned to benefit SurfAid‘s community-based health and emergency response programs to isolated island communities. He has also launched the Fish Outta Water Project, leaving artwork in public places and encouraging strangers to take them.

Erik’s site
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