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Unique Voices, Shared Visions: Meena Nanji and GlobalGirl Media


In the U.S., women and minorities continue to be vastly underrepresented in the media. The mission of GlobalGirl Media is to put tools of the journalistic trade into the hands of young women around the world. Co-founder Meena Nanji’s work is unified by her ethical and intellectual commitments as well as her artistic vision, whether mentoring young women in journalism across the U.S. with GlobalGirl or making a documentary featuring the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, “I think my works are pieces of a larger, coherent ethical project.”

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Giving Form to Invisible Connections: visual artist Lisa Carroll

"Western Sector" by Lisa Carroll. Mixed media installation.

San Francisco visual artist Lisa Carroll is devoting her artistic life to investigating the intricate relationship between human beings and their surroundings. She also devotes some of her time to issues like the welfare of women in the war-ravaged Congo.

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Creativity is a Human Right: Community Art Center

The Community Art Center in Cambridge, MA.

“Creativity. . . is a human right,” says Eryn Johnson, Executive Director of the Community Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Watch the interview with Eryn Johnson to hear for yourself how arts education transforms far more than the life of just one child.

VISIT the Community Art Center site DONATE to Community Art Center WATCH video about C.A.C. made by their Teen Media Program
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TeAda Presents “Delicious Reality: The Immigration Experience”

D_R_p019 featured

TeAda partnered with two different groups, ROCLA (Restaurant Opportunities Center-Los Angeles) and SEACA (Southeast Asian Community Alliance), to create workshops for immigrants. Theatrical production Delicious Reality portrays these immigrants’ stories in a common immigrant job setting—the kitchen of a restaurant. The play runs May 10th-19th, 2013.

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The Artist Who Believed No Dream Impossible

Orignial artwork by Inocente.

Who ever said we are defined by our life circumstances? Fifteen year old artist Inocente has lived homeless and undocumented in San Diego, CA since the age of nine. Despite difficult obstacles, Inocente has relentlessly pursued her dream of becoming a painter. Her heart-wrenching story was finally heard by audiences world wide, as the documentary she inspired took an Oscar last Sunday.

WATCH the documentary trailer BUY Inocente’s art VISIT A.R.T.S. DONATE to A.R.T.S. VOLUNTEER with A.R.T.S.