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On Camera with Painter Calvin Grimm


The canvases of abstract expressionist painter Calvin Grimm draw their power from his longstanding relationship with the natural world. His work and experience stand as testament to the fulfillment offered by such a relationship. He notes that a powerful, direct connection to our environment seems conspicuously absent from many aspects of modern life. Watch the interview for more on spiritual peace, oil spills, sea kayaking and art.

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Painter Calvin Grimm: an exhibit


Abstract expressionist painter Calvin Grimm pours everything into his paintings—his emotions, his life experiences, and particularly his love and respect for nature. Though there are few recognizable forms in his paintings, it is not just abstract ideas he represents in oils. It can be something so specific as the image of oil-soaked wildlife trying to flee the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez and BP oil spills. Enjoy this short tour of three of his works.

Calvin Grimm’s site
the Clearwater
the Woodstock Land Conservancy
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Calvin Grimm: Nature’s Power, Captured on Canvas

Calvin Grimm: "Seeker/Sought: Deep Ocean/Deep Space Series". 2013. Oil on canvas.

Meet a painter whose art, surroundings, and life are all thoroughly intertwined. Calvin Grimm’s works encapsulate the revitalizing energy of our environment, each painting a rich and personal expression of our human relationship with the natural world. And for decades now, Grimm has lived that relationship to the fullest, working hard to protect nature, share it, and instill an appreciation for it among the younger generation.

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New York Times Article Embraces Social Service Art

Artsist exhibit at Project Row, A low income housing and artist residency project in Houston, Texas

Social-practice artists use their creativity in a variety of ways to improve the social welfare of those around them. Art projects of this nature are difficult to critique, almost never end up in a gallery, cannot be collected, and are most frustratingly impossible to define. In a recent article, “Outside the Citadel, Social Pracitce Art is intended to Nurture,” New York Times arts writer Randy Kennedy describes a number of such projects and programs, begging the reader to ask, how is this art?

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Our World in Numbers: Tracking the Live World Clock


A woman contracts malaria. A man suffers his first stroke. A war robs a family of their lives. As much as we lament these misfortunes, we still feel detached from them—keen on viewing disasters as hypothetical scenarios rather than as distinct daily possibilities. How differently would we react to these events if we could fathom their daily or yearly impact? If we could pinpoint the escalating rates of births, deaths, and disasters by the minute? Poodwaddle.com‘s Live World Clock does exactly that.