What does The Lamp Project aim to accomplish?

Perhaps this is better answered by sharing our vision. We envision a world with a higher quality of art, a higher proportion of generous, socially conscious artists, and a more art-educated public.

How does art solve the world’s problems?

We believe that art itself brings people together to discuss, think, and feel. We believe great art touches on those intangibles that really make us human, in much the same way as charity and volunteering do—we feel more connected and fulfilled as humans both when enjoying great art and when helping others. We believe great art begs questions of history, culture, meaning and truth in ways that benefit humanity, and that without artists asking us to consider these questions the world would be worse off. And through all these means, art engenders peace, community and thought while inspiring inquiry and action.

What types of creative communities are supported?

Our goals are very ambitious. Ultimately, we would like to support great artists in all art forms who are working to better those around them. Any given work of art need not directly address issues, though like a torch song or public service announcement they certainly may. But we believe that there are many people in the world working to discover and promote artists, so we may as well set ourselves apart by supporting those (1) whose work is of extremely high quality, and (2) who are involved with great causes or charities to make the world a better place.

Who can participate?

Anyone. Everyone. We need truly excellent people on staff to fulfill a huge variety of positions, from creative to technical to administrative, short-term and long-term—see the latest openings at And we are always looking for great artists to feature. And simply as a citizen of the world, we hope you’ll come here to find great art by artists who are doing great things.

I want to showcase my art on The Lamp Project site. How can I be featured?

Send links to some of your work, plus a clear description of who you are as an artist and how you are involved in social causes or charity, to We do a lot of proactive scouting for talented artists and as things get busy we may not get back to everyone. We have very high standards for quality, as well as our own individual tastes, so please only submit if you feel you are worthy of being counted among the better artists of your craft—and of course, if you are committed to supporting a worthwhile cause that we can discuss and feature on our site.