MISSION: We exist to illuminate and support socially engaged artists and the causes they champion, while building around them a community of compassionate art lovers, volunteers, and problem-solving institutions united in the goal of positive change.

VISION: We envision a world where high-caliber art created by generous, socially conscious artists abounds, and an art-educated public actively seeks and supports these artists.

IN PRACTICE: At the core of our organization is our website, and at the core of our website is our arts discovery engine, a media-rich art magazine featuring artists who are both creating amazing art and committing themselves to a worthwhile cause or charity.

Beyond our print, audio and video pieces highlighting excellent art, artists, and organizations, we are writing our business plan and applying for 501(c)(3) status so that we can commit serious resources to extending the platform and the reach of artists who carry a message of positive social change, and further supporting efficient and effective instutitions working for a better world. Through grants, events, eduation, mentorship, residencies and more, we want to build a community at the intersection of creativity, culture, empathy, and generosity.