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Come Be A Part Of It 2 (video podcast)

We are proud to present the second in our series of four short videos about The Lamp Project. We made these to highlight a few important causes—in this case, domestic violence—and to tell the world what The Lamp Project is all about. And we made them thanks to an all-volunteer effort by a big group of wonderful and talented people. Does this video speak to you? If so, please share and spread the word.

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Do you love putting on those earbuds and taking a walk with some great music in your ear? Or maybe you let some thoughtful interviews make your long commute tolerable… or even inspiring.

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Giving Form to Invisible Connections: visual artist Lisa Carroll

"Western Sector" by Lisa Carroll. Mixed media installation.

San Francisco visual artist Lisa Carroll is devoting her artistic life to investigating the intricate relationship between human beings and their surroundings. She also devotes some of her time to issues like the welfare of women in the war-ravaged Congo.

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Raechel Running: Light in the Shadows (audio podcast)

“In my art and activism I try to overcome despair and to make visual connections for people to foster kinship and hope in these times of change.” The photography of Raechel Running abounds with cultural symbolism and inter-cultural harmonies and dissonances. The results are eye-popping. She uses her talent, time and energy to help a number of organizations, including One Heart World-Wide, which is working to improve the dismal maternal health and mortality rates of indigenous populations in Mexico.

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Come Be A Part Of It 1 (video podcast)

We hope this video we’ve produced encapsulates the mission and spirit of The Lamp Project, and maybe even inspires some people to action. It focuses on the important issue of domestic violence and is the first in a series of four. If it speaks to you, please find it on our website, YouTube channel, or Vimeo channel, and share with your friends.