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A Warming Effect: musician Anne Harris

In music and in speaking out for a cause, it helps to have a voice backed by passion and conviction. It’s not so much that the voice carries further, but rather that its impact is felt more deeply. Ohio-born, Chicago-based Anne Harris puts this into practice for both music and great causes. And she does it with not one, but two voices: the warm, soulful crooning of her own vocal cords and the exuberant wail of her fiddle.

Don’t miss Anne Harris in an exclusive live performance of “Lullaby” for The Lamp Project.

In 2006, friends of Harris launched Coat Angels, a non-profit organization to provide warm coats for disadvantaged school children in Chicago. In the years since, they’ve helped over a thousand kids thanks in part to Anne’s own involvement, which includes donating her time for benefit concerts.

Please, enjoy this interview with Anne by filmmaker Dalton Gaudin. You’ll hear more about her and about Coat Angels, and you’ll be treated to some of her music. You can hear more of her music in this exclusive live performance for The Lamp Project. And if this cause moves you, please follow the links below to visit the site, donate, or volunteer. Or buy Anne’s music and you will be supporting a musician who is truly putting her powerful voices to good use.

Anne’s site
Anne’s music
Coat Angels
Coat Angels
Coat Angels


Felix Lau music editor
Jeremy Scott Olsen sound editor / re-recording mixer

Jason E. Johnson editor

Dalton Gaudin director / director of photography

Dalton Gaudin interview written and conducted by

Lauren Thorne producer
Ryan Metcalf supervising producer
Jeremy Scott Olsen executive producer

Aigars Lapsa, Simona Capaldi, Susan Ryan photographs
used with permission and gratitude

music and lyrics by Anne Harris
performed by Anne Harris (vocals, fiddle), Chris Siebold (guitar), Greg Nergaard (bass), Rich Stitzel (drums)
copyright 2008 by Anne Harris

“Leaves Turnin'”
music and lyrics by Anne Harris
performed by Anne Harris
copyright 2001 by Anne Harris

with great appreciation for our entire all-volunteer crew—and their talent, dedication, professionalism and time

© copyright 2012 by The Lamp Project
all rights reserved

1 comment to A Warming Effect: musician Anne Harris

  • The Coat Angels website notes that they are all-volunteer and have no staff or overhead, therefore 100% of donations go straight to getting these kids nice new winter coats. I wonder if this sort of “micro-charity” might be the role model for the future. It maximizes efficiency not just monetarily but in terms of localization—they can measure, understand, and respond appropriately to the problem because they are so close to it.

    Awesome organization. I’d like to thank Anne for talking about it, and for sharing her music with us! Can’t wait to post her exclusive performance video.

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