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New promotional video.

We hope this video we’ve produced encapsulates the mission and spirit of The Lamp Project, and maybe even inspires some people to action. It focuses on domestic violence and is the first in a series of four that we’ll release in the coming weeks. Let us know what you think.

And by the way… these productions were all-volunteer. Together they stand as yet another reminder of how a compelling cause can bring people together.

See our second video here.


Elia Saldana female victim #1
Burl Moseley male perpetrator #1
Tami Goveia female victim #2
Silvio Cuadra male perpetrator #2
Miles H. Lewis painter
Caitlin Crosby guitarist
Silvio Cuadra voice over

Ernie Megerdechian production assistant
Al Ruggie production assistant
Kim Palmer camera assistant

Michael Callahan first assistant director
Matt Miner first assistant director

Nathan Schafer composer

Jason Johnson picture editor

Brandon Proulx assistant sound editor
Jeremy Scott Olsen ADR mixer
Dave Barnaby sound editor / mixer

Thomas Camarda director / director of photography

written by Joanna Lord and Jeremy Scott Olsen

Paula Minardi associate producer
Mike Shields producer
Jeremy Scott Olsen executive producer

very special thanks
The Brandt Family
Box Eight Studios
Kara Vallow
Fox Television Animation

with great appreciation for our entire all-volunteer cast and crew—and their talent, dedication, professionalism and time

© copyright 2012 by The Lamp Project
all rights reserved

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