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So Much toTell: Playwright, Raúl Dorantes (audio podcast)

The play De Camino al Ahorita by teacher, cultural activist, and writer Raúl Dorantes addresses the contrast between the promise of America and its dystopian backstory—and how these figure into the lives of immigrants. Dorantes donates some of the proceeds from his work to organizations which provides arts education, emergency services, and a variety of Latino cultural and civil services.

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Our second promotional video is here.

We are proud to unveil the second in our series of four videos. We made these to highlight a few important causes—in this case, domestic violence—and to tell the world what The Lamp Project is all about. And we made them thanks to an all-volunteer effort by a big group of wonderful and talented people.

domestic violence | Lamp Project news

New promotional video.

We hope this video we’ve produced encapsulates the mission and spirit of The Lamp Project, and maybe even inspires some people to action. It focuses on the important issue of domestic violence and is the first in a series of four that we’ll release in the coming weeks. Let us know what you think.