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Songcraft and Sustainability: musician Victoria Vox

Victoria Vox

As a personal challenge and a gift to enthusiastic fans, Victoria Vox is recording 52 songs in 52 weeks. “The 52 Covers Project” features the singer-songwriter, her ukulele, and a more unusual instrument: the mouth trumpet.

Why mouth trumpet? Vox laughs about this. “In 2005 I performed 200 shows. I drove around the country all by myself. That’s a lot of alone time. I started writing a tune that had a jazz form and it really called for a solo of some sort.” Naturally, mouth trumpet came out.

Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Vox now lives in Baltimore, traveling to give workshops and performing more than 125 shows a year. Her repertoire is an eclectic, all-acoustic mix of folk, contemporary, and jazz, while her ukulele style ranges into surprising, alternative rhythms and themes.

Vox has attracted a stream of accolades and awards. This summer, her album, “Exact Change” won the “Vox Pop” vote for Best Adult Contemporary Album at the Tenth Annual Independent Music Awards. At the same time, she has been exceptionally good at relating directly with fans. Those fans have responded by funding three albums since 2006.

Recognition has also encouraged Vox to donate a portion of her CD sales to 1% for the Planet. A non-profit organization, 1% is actually a network of companies, all donating 1% of their sales to environmental organizations worldwide. Vox said that she had always been environmentally conscious, but felt she could do more. “I decided to use my music to create awareness about the environment, mostly through the decisions I make as a business owner.”

She continually seeks new ways to promote environmental awareness. Last year, Vox began taking mass transit to many of her gigs. Then, in October of 2011, she joined Team 1% in a 320-mile bicycle event called Climate Ride to fight climate change and support sustainable solutions.

As fans say, “Stay tuned.” Vox shows no signs of slowing–not in creative innovation nor in active support of the causes she loves.

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