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Now accepting submissions.

The Lamp Project currently accepts submissions of articles about artists and the causes they support. We are looking to feature underrecognized artists—quality artists who arguably deserve more recognition than they have received—and causes centering on education, disease, poverty, hunger, and human rights.

For more information, please see our submissions page.

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  • What can we do to make sure the History of Art and Architecture is avaliable to students of all ages around the world?
    So much has changed since then in the way information is presented to us. We have the Web/Internet to use. I started the Applied History of Art and Architecture Educational Foundation as a way to organize the huge collection of images.
    These images are scattered about the web in a way that is difficult use. Many people have organized some of them in a variety of ways. This work is meant to be a course in the history of art as well as a place that Teachers can send their students to study one bit of art or another.
    I. Each unit will be made up of a collection of micro-lessons. Each unit is designed to take you around the world in a certain period of time. We will visit each continent using time as our organizer. For example the first unit will cover Prehistoric Art around the world and the second unit will be Early Villages around the world and on to early Civilizations.  

    ?In order to provide a deeper understanding students will asked to make something that relates to the work they have just seen. We can start the student on their own site and add videos of them actually making the art.

    On your web page you can write about your ideas of life in the prehistoric world and add to your site as you go along. This can become a history of your progress through the world of art, architecture and history.
    Create a digital journal of your own. Adults using this site as a resource, can create a photo journal.
    The digital age (digital cameras, video cameras, editing software) can be used by you, to make your own book.
    The most important thing is to find joy in what you see and make. You are in charge.
    When you go to, click on Meet Katherine and you will see some of the art that I have done.
    Katherine Bolman, BS, MFA, MEd, MSW, D.Ed.

    The Applied History of Art and Architecture Educational Foundation
    I started the Applied History of Art and Architecture Educational Foundation and got the 501(c)3 status in 2002. The foundation received grants from the Atherton Foundation and the Cooke Foundation.
    I returned to school in 2008 to learn to build this web site because I did not like the work done for me by other web designers.
    At this point in time I would like to find kindred folk who would like to work with me to move the project more quickly and add their voices to the site. If you would like to be come an AHAA advisor please contact me. (808)     941-4242
    And if you follow this link you can see what I mean when I say I want students to do something with the information.
    This class has just finished learning about the cave paintings of France and here is a video clip of that class.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Dr. Bolman, and sorry for the long delayed response! I don’t personally have anyone to recommend to you at the moment, but our site might be a good place to check periodically. I’m sure we will come across some like-minded people in our journey. Best of luck to you!