Lamp Project news

Progress, progress, and more progress.

With our fantastic Editor In Chief Deborah Bezanis at the helm, our writing staff of six has begun their first projects, to be featured online next month with the help of our three editors. The writing and editing staff continues to grow.

Our Director of Production and Post Production, Henry Truong, and our Director of Media Asset Management, Elias Issa, are overseeing a growing, nationwide, all-volunteer workflow to bring you interviews and other footage of great artists at work. Our first few projects are short films, shooting and editing next month, to highlight some of the social issues that The Lamp Project hopes to address. Thanks to our no-nonsense producer Mike Shields and our top-notch director/DP Tom Camarda – and a host of other amazing people – these are going to be incredible, a real showcase for what is possible when talented and creative people come together for a good cause.

Now it’s your turn. If you are reading this and feel that tingle – the lure of a challenge, an outlet, and a great opportunity to make a difference – please email Jeremy Olsen, our executive producer, at and see how you can be a part of The Lamp Project.

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